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"From start to finish, Tru Method is the place to go to for physical therapy. This was the first time I needed physical therapy and not only were they highly recommended by my doctor, but several people advised me to give them a try and I’m so happy I did. From my very first appointment, I felt comfortable and relaxed. When you meet Mo, the owner, and Mike his assistant, you just know they care about you and try their hardest to get you to feel better. Even the girls behind the desk, Lucy and Tara, have a way of making you feel at home. Everyone at Tru Method is a true professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs physical therapy."
Michelle C., via Google
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Physical Therapy To Get You Back To Feeling Like You

Have you recently had a sports injury? Do you feel pain in a certain part of your body? Maybe you have been suffering from arthritis for some time without any real relief? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, our movement experts at Tru Method Physical Therapy can help you.

Physical therapy focuses on regaining and improving a patient’s functional ability through the use of exercises and hands-on treatment. At Tru Method Physical Therapy, we give you the best, personalized care possible. In order to get you the best results from your therapy, we schedule you in for ½ hour increments so you get as much one-on-one time as possible with us. That way, we can get you back to feeling like you. When you visit us, we like to make everyone feel as if they are a friend, more than a patient — we want you to feel comfortable! That’s why we take the time to laugh with you, have great conversations, and most of all, helping you feel better than when you walked in. Why not take a look at what other folks are saying about us right here?

Our Services

How can we help you?

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Physical Therapy

At Tru Method Physical Therapy, we concentrate on hands-on therapy so that we can spend as much one-on-one time with our patients as we can. That way, we can fully focus on obtaining the best results for you.


Our Physical Therapy Services

Class 4 Laser

This is the use of infrared light through specific dosing to decrease inflammation, regenerate tissue, and wound healing. This process is called photobiomodulation.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

This is the technique of using specific tools to improve tissue mobility and decrease myofascial restrictions. (Myofascial is the tissue that surrounds and supports the muscles throughout your body.)

Cupping Therapy

This is the use of specific glass or plastic cups which creates a suction on your body’s surface. This promotes blood flow, decreases pain, and decreases inflammation.


This technique is used by trained professionals to improve range of motion, decrease pain, and decrease inflammation.

Body Tempering

This method is used to aid in recovery, restore mobility, and release myofascial restrictions. This is similar to foam rolling. In this case, the practitioner performs the technique.

Radial Wave Therapy

Radial wave therapy uses acoustic waves to reduce muscle pain and aches, increase blood flow and activate connective tissue.

Normatec Compression Sleeves

This pulse technology helps to increase circulation, revive muscles and reduce swelling.



"Very knowledgeable and helpful staff! We have used Tru Method for various sports-related injuries over the last several years and always leave in better shape than when we came in! I highly recommend Tru Method for any physical therapy needs!"
Jim B., via Google
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Cryotherapy Services



Cryotherapy uses freezing, or near-freezing temperatures to facilitate in the rehabilitation process. The mechanism for this is for the blood to be drawn to the vital organs and then be dispersed with rich oxygenated blood to the rest of your body for healing.

Cryotherapy helps to accelerate healing, relieve and reduce pain, and reduce the signs of aging. It is a safe treatment and our movement experts will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.




"Their all new Kenilworth NJ location is amazing. Clean, professional, and most importantly, a knowledgeable and caring staff. Can't say enough about both doctors. Also their new cryotherapy machine is state of the art and does wonders for my arthritis. If you're looking for a new pt or just all-around body recovery facility, this place is a must."
Justin R., via Google
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About Us

Hello there!
We’re Tru Method Physical Therapy

We’re happy to have you here. At our practice, we want you to feel comfortable. That’s why we always want you to feel like you are meeting friends, rather than feeling more like a patient. We take pride in creating a lighthearted, friendly atmosphere and most of all, getting you to feel better than when you walked in.

Our small team are experts in their field. With our friendly nature and our knowledgeable staff, we can offer you advanced techniques in alleviating your pain. We have a very hands-on style, teaching you how to do your exercises at home so that we can provide you with the hands-on therapy you need when you come to our office. Meet the team below!

Where it all began

My name is Mauricio Trujillo. I formed Tru Method Physical Therapy back in 2013. Back in 2007, I began practicing and came to a crossroads. I had to decide if I wanted to continue to work for a very busy practice with no real growth for my future, or if I wanted to take a chance and go off on my own to give people a better product and experience. I took the chance. My wife was pregnant at the time and we had just purchased a house. I started doing home care and worked part-time at an office so that I could make ends meet. From everything I had learned in physical therapy, and all of my experiences (the good, and the bad), I wanted to build a method that would help people to get better, and enjoy doing it. Once I found a location, the rest is history. Tru Method Physical Therapy was formed.

Meet us

About Us

Dr. Mauricio Trujillo

Dr. Mauricio Trujillo earned his Bachelor's degree in Biology from Kean University. He then moved on to Stony Brook University to pursue his Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. Dr. Mo completed his clinical rotations of acute rehab at Trinitas Hospital, pediatric rehab at AHRC in Long Island, and two Orthopedic rotations at JFK Medical Center and Industrial Strength and Fitness. Continuing with post graduate education, Dr. Mo has studied in the fields of vestibular rehabilitation, mechanical diagnosis and treatment of the lumbar spine through the McKenzie Institute. He also studied in the treatment for thoracic spine and diaphragmatic breathing. Dr. Mo has also trained under John Iams, a pioneer in Physical Therapy who created Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT). Dr. Mo is one of the few physical therapists in NJ that practices this technique. By accompanying this new method of physical therapy and pain relief, he is able to effectively treat chronic conditions from headaches to plantar fasciitis. Most recently, Dr. Mo has completed various courses under the Spinal Manipulation Institute to better assist in the treatment of cervical, thoracic, and lumbosacral pain.

Michael Stroppa

Michael earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Rutgers University. Following his undergraduate studies, Michael then moved on to earn his Associates in Applied Science from Mercer County Community College, and graduated with honors as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Michael completed his clinical rotations of orthopedic rehab and acute burn care at Saint Barnabas Hospital, out-patient sports rehab and aquatic therapy at Princeton Fitness and Wellness Center, and sub-acute rehab at The Cranberry Center in Monroe, NJ. Michael has furthered his studies in the various fields of outpatient care, including primal reflex release technique, postural restoration, and the assessment and treatment of various temporomandibular joint dysfunctions (TMJ). He also holds certifications in Functional Movement Screening (FMS) used to identify limitations or asymmetries in seven fundamental movements, Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) designed to clinically assess these seven movement patterns in those with known musculoskeletal pain, and is a certified level I and II natural trainer through Monkey Bar Gymnasium, which focuses on bodyweight training and restorative yoga. Most recently, Michael has obtained his certification in contemporary cupping methods through the International Cupping Therapy Association. This ancient art form has provided a new and unique approach for treating stubborn dysfunctions such as myofascial restrictions, fibromyalgia, cellulite, postoperative pain, and many more chronic and acute conditions.